Eggink Designs is a Netherlands based Ecological Urbanism design studio, with a focus on social, cultural and environmental values
Collage of sustainable design with stormwater treatment plants, public boardwalk and viewing deck along the wadi.
Janneke Eggink is the founder of Eggink Designs. With a career established in the Netherlands, and the Middle East, Janneke has distinguished herself in a range of ecologically focused work. Her recent work has spanned the breadth of Regional Scale Urban Planning, Site Master Planning, Site Design and Landscape Design. 
With 9 years of experience, Janneke has developed a deep understanding of landscape dynamics and water. Her ability to easily negotiate different scales is a result of her multi-disciplinary background.
Portrait photo of Janneke Eggink, the founder of EGGINK DESIGNS.
Terrain height and storm water flow analysis of mountain terrain with wadi along the coast
Landscape Systems as a Framework
Working with the landscape, by understanding the site throughout. Using parametric tools to study terrain, slopes and water-flow. The vernacular landscape form the main design inspiration. Integrating multi-functional landscape design as green-infrastructure such as storm-water infiltration beds. ​​​​​​​
Ecological landscape design of boardwalk and pavilions along the coast. Including diagram highlighting flora and fauna.
Ecologically-Driven design
Sensitivity of the landscape to the surrounding ecosystems are essential to the success of the space. A strong focus on native planting and improving the biodiversity withing the site. Connecting to the wider network of ecological corridors and providing green connections within master plans. ​​​​​​​
Walk able neighborhood design with sikka connections along townhouses. Xeriscaped landscape with rocks and grasses.
Design for Walk-Ability
The focus is always around walk-able spaces and communities. With the aim to create spaces where walking and cycling is easier than driving. Such as colorful crossings or shared surfaces re-balance mobility use.​​​​​​​
Community driven public space designed with curves and round shapes. Showing a red pathway and wooden boardwalks as steps and open lawn.
Community Integration
Crafting a social and cultural landscape. By providing vibrant and highly varied experiences available to each and every resident of the community. Initiatives in public spaces create a sense of belonging to the wider community.​​​​​​​
All images were the work product of Janneke Eggink while working within other practices. 
Our services
Design Review (or Advice​​​​​​​)
Do you want us to do a review on your current design / masterplan?  Or are you looking for design advice for your project? 

The focus of our reviews lies on the landscape and environment. We aim to maximize landscape qualities and provide environmental sensitive design. 
What we include in a project review:
- Environment (sun / wind / terrain) 
- Arrival experience and pedestrian connections
- Constraints or identified issues
- Opportunities for improvement
Project based Design Consultancy
Would you like to improve the landscape framework or add environmental sensitive design to your project? 

Eggink Designs would like to strengthen your project team as a design consultant or can help deliver portions of the project brief. The practice offers services in:
- Master Plan Visioning
- Environmental Strategies
- and Landscape Concepts
We use ecological urbanism principles to push for sustainable design in every project. ​​​​​​​
Would you like to collaborate with us or want to know more? Please fill in the below contact sheet with an introduction of your project. We will contact you within two working days to discuss the full requested scope and prepare a project proposal. 
Thank you for your interest in our services!

We will contact you within two working days.
Janneke Eggink has been involved in a numerous high profile landscape and master planning projects, including:
Confidential Tourism Masterplan
Competition, High-Level Concept Master Plan 
During employment at AECOM ME
My role: Lead Landscape Architect / Master planner
Southern Region, KSA

Confidential Regional Land-use Plan 
During employment at AECOM ME
My role: Lead landscape architect / Master planner
Tabuk, KSA 

Confidential tourism destination  
Masterplan Proposal 
During employment at AECOM ME
My role: Lead landscape architect / Master planner
Tabuk, KSA 

Bateen Beach Waterfront Park 
Landscape concept 
During employment at Perkins and Will
My role: Lead designer
Abu Dhabi, UAE 

The Chedi Resort 
Landscape Design 
During employment at Perkins and Will
My role: Lead landscape architect / Master planner
Ras al Hadd, Oman 

The Mount Wellness District
Concept Masterplan 
During employment at Perkins and Will
My role: Landscape architect / Master planner
Muscat, Oman 

Design Leadership Counsel competition, winning project
Together with team member Aarathi Muralidharan
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA 

Hurricane Sandy Regional Planning and Design Competition, Finalist
During employment at West 8
My role: Landscape designer
New York, New Jersey, USA 

The Valley Development 
Landscape Design  
During employment at AECOM ME
My role: Lead Landscape Architect
Dubai, UAE 

Confidential Nature Reserve 
High-Level Master Plan 
During employment at AECOM ME
My role: Lead Landscape Architect

Exhibitor large display wall 
Egyptian Pavilion
Collaboration with Jason Chia
Venice, Italy 

Emirati Housing
Concept Master Plan 
During employment at Perkins and Will
My role: Landscape architect / Master planner
Al Ain, UAE 

Landscape architecture / master planning: Eggink Designs
Atmeh, Syria 

Concept Design 
Landscape architecture / Urban design: Eggink Designs
Dubai, UAE 

Maldives resort 
South Male Atoll, Maldives 
During employment at Perkins and Will 
My role: Landscape architect / Master planner

Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA)
Team members: Giorgio Cucut, Jie He
Huairou, Beijing, China