Talent Factory a proposal for the old Ford factory site. A project that aims to keep talent in the city with a mix of learning, working and living. Location for the project is St. Paul Minneapolis.
Talent Factory
'From Ford to Future'

Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Team members - Janneke Eggink and Aarathi Muralidharan
Talent Factory - A beacon project for the city and a legacy for Ford.
Bill Ford posits that our freedom of mobility, so highly valued by his great-grandfather, is inevitably going to be threatened by population growth and subsequent environmental degradation. However, Bill Ford envisions a society where a modern mobility model, advanced with today's technological ingenuity, can exist in harmony with preservation of the natural world. 
This project aims to eliminate racial and economic disparities through education, employment, housing diversity and affordability and nurturing local businesses. 
​​​​​​​The PW global competition was weekend long design exercise, and Talent Factory got chosen as the winner
Hero shot of Talent Factory winner of competition from Ford to Future. The graphic shows a factory conveyor belt representing the legacy of Ford.
This is Ford Legacy - Humanity at Work, a socio-economic initiative that respects the past by maintaining the DNA of the site and leads to future. This building would be the beacon of this development linking past and future. This is where every individual gets a glimpse of whats this development about: Learning, Innovating, Live/Work and Play. ​​​​​​​
Masterplan layer water. Showing the storm water network collecting in the old Hidden Falls Creek. With localized grey water treatment, rain gardens and soil remediation.
Neighborhood street grid, following the DNA of the old Ford factory site and oriented to the sun.
Masterplan created for a bicycle community, public open space with community gardens and local agriculture.
Masterplan vision for housing variety and area program, mix of smaller plot sizes with different building types.
"An imaginative plan to create an economically and environmentally diverse and sustainable community for learning, producing and living..."
Design Leadership Council Perkins and Will

Talent hub program break down: learn, work, innovate, rest, play. framework layers that define the hub: program, food production, accessibility, stormwater and open space, social space.
Local food growing and community farmers market. Sustainability principles section diagram, ecologically stable masterplan
Talent hub living design approach. Live work concept. Flexible space booked through an app.